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Showing posts from August 24, 2007

Arm in Valiant Arm

9 hours in the studio and we've got six great songs ready for listening! Charter members Rob Jones, Diane Rios, Rachel Blumberg and Adam Selzer met at the beautifully-appointed recording studio Type Foundry to mix down some tasty tracks. Our friend Kaia stopped by and helped sing, and Cora whiled away the hours reading on the green couch. We added backing vocals, boosted guitar solos, dampened down some leads to create a thick texture of sound, busted out an egg shaker, and then turned up the volume and listened with our eyes closed. Sigh. There's nothing like a day in the studio, especially Type Foundry, it of the amazing location near Tillamook street, under the friendly shadow of the roller coaster Freemont bridge. I wish I could go there at least once a week, but I savor the opportunities afforded me.
Come see our little band make music bigger than ourselves Friday night, September 7th at Kelly's Olympian, downtown. Midnight.