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Showing posts from August 10, 2007

Hollywood (Hooray For)

My new favorite neighborhood (besides Clinton/Division st.) is Hollywood. Sandy construction is finally dying down to reveal a beautiful old collection of streets, shops, and of course the magnificent Hollywood theater. The ancient gaudy rococo facade and newly-cleaned marquee (I read they cleaned 200 lbs of bird poop out of it!) makes it feel like there's a circus in town. Cora and I walked up and down Sandy boulevard, enjoying beverages and taking in the sites. We found a beautiful store called Shag. I was at once mesmerized by the striking display in the window. All lovely oranges and browns and yellows, with sleek shapes and a colorful painting of a San Francisco trolley car on the wall. I felt like I could just move in and live there. We entered the shop and were greeted by owner Randy Lucas. As I chatted to Randy about vintage display I remembered suddenly that I had been in his store before...years ago, on Alberta street! I remember liking it then. This time my eye …