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Showing posts from August 5, 2007

Chili Smackdown!

The glove was thrown. The line was drawn. It was a chili smackdown, and the contenders carried their crockpots to the outdoor powerstrip with determination, pride, and not a little hope in their eyes. Our neighbors Jarrod and Gretchen hosted this chili competition, and we were glad to learn there was a vegetarian chili catagory. So Greg whipped up his tried and true and super delicious recipe and we joined the line of crockpots into the backyard.
These were not your every-day chili ingredients. There was the Buffalo and Roasted Onion chili called "Grandpa's Left Knee". There was the "Infidel Chili" with lamb and Goat in it. My favorite name ( I didn't eat it) was "Bambi Meets His Makers"-- chili with venison and bourbon! These people were crazy!
In the end, the ballots were cast for Spiciest, Most Creative, Best Overall, and Best Vegetarian. When they called our name and we realized we had taken Best Veggie, we were ter…