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Showing posts from July 25, 2007

Street Revolution!

I'm so excited I can't stand it! I googled one of my favorite new artists, Mathew Rodriguez, who was featured recently in Portland's own Motel gallery, and I stumbled across this AMAZING website! "Wooster Collective".
I first see a picture of Mathew Rodriguez in a snowman's costume, pasting up christmas trees on the side of buildings. They were reporting Mathew's recent arrest in New York for pasting candy corns on buildings dressed as a rooster! Here is Mathew's myspace link, it's fantastic, and he mentions his trip here to Portland on it. Then I scroll down and am transported into a beautiful new world of street art. I say new, even though there have been street artists around forever, but these days they are celebrated! With websites and everything!
I used to be a street artist. I discovered stenciling in France and h…

The Love of Rock, and all its Environs

My friend and bandmate Rob Jones, as many of you know, runs a Portland label called Jealous Butcher Records.
Rob is a one-man, record-making, project-creating, music-recording, poster-screening wonder. He will dream up a thoroughly ambitious idea (Crabs cover album? Oswald Five-O singles compilation? Led Zeppelin tribute record? ) and then forge full-steam ahead until it comes true. Writing music, recording it, mixing it, then bringing in all of his friends to play mandolins, trumpets, zithers and glockenspiels. And then there is the cover art. A computer whiz, Rob creates one-of-a-kind designs on his trusty laptop, then burns the necessary silkscreens, and gets to work in his basement, hand-screening all of the covers, and all of the posters. The results? Unbelievably beautiful, world-class pieces of art. Lush collections of music with covers you can feel the ink on. Go to his website to see the catalog of projects he has for sale, and treat yoursel…