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Train's Leavin' Seattle, 16 Coaches Long

Martin Bernier reminded me of how Don Blair picked out a blue, polka-dotted dress from Mary Lou Lord's box of free clothes, and wore it in Times Square. Nick Tucker reminded me of how when Don Blair called out the crowd at Raji's in LA by quizzing them, "What's your favorite candy bar?" and they screamed back, "Kit Kat!" he thundered, "YOU LIE! IT'S SNICKERS!". Yes, Martin, Don Blair does indeed have stones. As did we all, daring to truck our rock and roll dog and pony show up and down the coast, and across the country. We all have some real stones, and here are some excerpts from a tour diary we all had a part in writing.

Heading south to LA, leaving Seattle.
Robert: "Pretty neat. No cops or broken guitars or things, had fun. All is well. Don't miss Seattle. What can be next?"
Don: "The party was ok. I didn't get beat up or anything of that nature. There were some death rockers there and I overheard them talk…