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Showing posts from June 8, 2007

It's Not Junkie-Town Anymore

What a night! First Thursday, Rose Festival, Fleet Week, and my friend's studio's Grand Opening all wrapped up in an enormous block party. I met the Benchmark Art Group in the Pearl District at a gallery called Print Arts Northwest. There we met a few artists who were showing work, and some that are starting up a printmaking studio with public access. I'm so excited to use the studio myself, and for an extra's on Tillamook street, near Interstate avenue, one of my FAVORITE parts of Portland! That's where Type Foundry, my friend Adam Selzer's recording studio is and where the Valiant Arms have recorded. Beautiful place!
We all walked through the growing throngs to my friend Morgan Pasinski's studio. We visited her studio last month, but this was the Grand Opening, and she had new work displayed. My favorite is this fantastic Octopus painting. I love the circles in the background, as if he'd wrapped his tentacles around the piece. Morga…


I am getting used to the feeling of disgust I feel whenever I hear President Bush's voice. A familiar wave of exasperated nausea sweeps through my body when his snickery, adolescent whine assaults my ears.
I'd like to think the french president Nicolas Sarkozy is grimacing in much the same way I would if I had to chat with Bush, however it is said they have "established a personal rapport" and get along well. I preferred the continual haranguing of the administration from Jacques Chirac. If I can't count on the french to mock Bush, who can I count on?
Evidently not all french people feel the way Sarkozy does. I met a very nice frenchman at my place of employment the other day and after I asked him how he like his new president he got a mischevious look on his face and said "Comment vous aimez votre president?". I said, "Il n'est pas mon president" (he is not my president) and we had a Bush bashing fest right there in the Forestry Center.…