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Showing posts from May 24, 2007

Art For the People!

One of the best ideas ever, this is the Art-O-Mat. Inspired by his friend's pavlovian response to crinkled cellophane, creator Clark Whittington decided to use a retired cigarette vending machine to distribute art. His original machine was intended to be displayed only for the duration of an exhibit, but upon request, was left to continue to dispense small, cellophane-covered packs of art. Now 82 machines can be found scattered throughout the US, some in coffee shops, some at universities, and even in major museums. Each machine is different and a work of art in itself. For 5$ you can feel the thrill of pulling the knob and watching your original work of art fall into the open slot. I experienced it myself last year at Lane Community College in Eugene. I saw Clark Whittington speak about his creation, and was so impressed by his motivation to create and to SHARE others' creations. Art is for everybody, and where better to dispense it from than a machine once used to sel…