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The Poitiers Fangs

Time for embarrassing photos of my youth! Hooray! When I was 21 I lived in a small french town called Poitiers. I was an exchange student for the year, and three of my best friends and I had an "art gang" called "The Poitiers Fangs". Our gang-related activities consisted of hanging out constantly, drinking, traveling together, and making art. France is where I got my first taste of printmaking, in the form of spray paint stencils. I had a beautiful apartment, and very bad taste in clothes. My closest Fang buddy, Lisa and I traveled to Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam (several times!), and around France together. We cut grapes for 3 weeks at a chateau, a miserably hard job called "vendange", 8 hours a day bent over vines. That's where I started smoking. We stayed on "Boatels" in Amsterdam, hotels in boats! All the Fangs went on a trip to the south of france. We visited Chenanceau Chateau and bought plastic swords so we could fight on…