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God Save the Queen

Ahhh, Vivienne Westwood. At first I tried to hate her, who in their right mind would marry that bitchy, conniving shyster Malcolm McClaren? I also was never very fond of shiny plastic and rubber fabric, which she used a lot of in those days. HOWEVER, Vivienne has since left Malcolm's pissy little world in the dust and has created a beautiful empire all her own. Her excellent designs and elegant sassiness leave me breathless. Oh, to saunter down the opera steps in a pea-green satin corset! I'm ever- jealous of my friend Steve P who flashed a silver Vivienne ring he bought in Paris.

A footnote: Vivienne's hometown was called "Tintwistle". And she wrote this bit of wisdom about her elementary school teacher : "When I was a schoolgirl my history teacher, Mr. Scott, began to take classes in civic affairs. The first thing he explained to us was the fundamental rule of law embodied in habeas corpus. He spoke with pride of …