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Mods or Rockers?

My family circa 1997. We look like we were riding that ultra-mod scooter, but we weren't, really, just there for the photo op. But the hat is real, Greg is a man with style.
I did get to ride a beautiful 1958 Vespa scooter during my college years. It was a great vehicle for the flat streets of Eugene. I got on a few highways and sped along at about 45 mph, keeping up with the cars pretty well. Once I rode my friend Karen all the way to a party in Fall Creek. With sleeping bags! The scooter waited patiently all night in the woods, and then rode us back in the morning.
Every time I got gas, I had to open up the little compartment in the back wheel well, and take out a tiny flagon of motor oil, and a small measuring cup. I would measure out the correct percentage of oil and pour it into the gas tank along with the gas. Then, I would take out a rag from the compartment, and wipe down the cup, and stow them away. It was quite the performance! I think I never got more than $1.50 …