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The Rafish and the Earthy

John Steinbeck, Great American Novelist. From "the Grapes of Wrath" for which he won a Pulitzer, to the classic "Of Mice and Men"to his autobiographical "Travels With Charlie", John Steinbeck has portrayed humanity in all its weakness and splendor. He often focused on migrant worker or union issues, drawing from incidents near his home in Salinas, California. He incorporated his love of biology, history and music into his stories. He even helped write the screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "Lifeboat".
Here is my cherished Steinbeck paperback collection. I've found these at thrift stores and garage sales, all costing under a dollar apiece. I think it's funny how the paperback versions are often touted as pulp fiction with such lines as "ribald", "rafish", "seductive", superbly uninhibited"and "shamelessly impulsive". Steinbeck's books are touching and gently funny, describing…