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It's Dior's world, and we just live in it

Fashion Art gives me a frisson of pleasure. The grand, sweeping shapes and colors combined with pinched in waists and whimsical fripperie makes me as happy as any Serious Art ever has. Fantastic illustration from the likes of Andy Warhol and Toulouse Lautrec is as worthy as any Picasso or Van Gogh, in my opinion. Fashion illustration and commercial art has always attracted me from the days of my guerilla spray painting forays, to my more sedate and disciplined years. Jr. Niel began it all with his amazing drawings for the Wizard of Oz series written by L. Frank Baum in the 1930's. His girl heroines dressed in drop waisted frocks and knee socks as they found their way through the fairy land, and Ozma herself, with an art-deco coronet and satin slippers. Glinda the Good boasted the first SNOOD I'd ever seen. French commercial artists from that period were changing the face of poster art, and making the underworld of entertainment very fashionable. No wonder then, that the …