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Let's Get Real!

Ok, people let's get serious. Look at your pet. Who is he? (or she). Do you feel you know them well? That you understand each other? That you can tell to some degree what they are feeling, or needing? Well here's the news: every single animal on the planet has that same comprehension. They may go about their business differently, but they're all basically the same...sentient creatures who have their own lives and desires, whatever they may be. It is a scientific fact that animals suffer, feel fear and pain and loss. They have been documented mourning the death of a mate, or offspring. Animals have complex social systems and some have significant relationships within their community. Animals can also smell hundreds of times better than humans can, can hear better and in some cases see twice as far. Now, take these sensitive, responsive creatures and put them in a factory farm, or a slaughterhouse. It's insupportable. The misery and fear and dread and horror is…

Sea Monster

They've found a COLOSSAL SQUID (misonychoteuthis hamiltoni ). It is significantly larger than a GIANT SQUID. It is longer than a Sperm Whale (40 feet).The mantle or long pointy part on the top of its head is 15 feet long! It is mean and aggressive, and has SWIVELING HOOKS on its suction cups! The scientists examining it said this,

"Now we can say that it attains a size larger than the giant squid. Giant squid is no longer the largest squid that's out there. We've got something that's even larger, and not just larger but an order of magnitude meaner."

They'd only previously found pieces of this huge predator inside the bellies of Sperm Whales. The scientists are saying the Colossal Squid could take on Patagonia Toothfish (very large and big teeth), and even Sperm Whales. How terrifying! ( this is a closeup of the swiveling hooks )