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Showing posts from February 14, 2007

They Don't Call Them That For Nothing!

Another amazing movie. Anytime this is on tv, I sit, mesmorized by the 1970's time capsule it is. Happily, it's also a really good movie! Bill Cosby is Mother, the Mr. Cool ambulance driver who drinks beer in the cab. Raquel Welch, god love her, is of COURSE Jugs and who wants to get out from behind the secretary desk and drive, and Harvey Keitel who must be about 24 years old is Speed, their pal.
This movie has great 70's car chase music and some groovy background jams. It also has some great drama, as well as some pretty shocking sequences. LARRY HAGMAN delights as a really evil sadistic SOB. This movie has it all, really.
I watch shows from the times of my childhood and I marvel at the naive "modern" lifestyle. Everyone seems so quaint and the cars and phones and offices seem like old-timey toys. I love it though, it is comforting to think of when we didn't have such smooth, digital devices and instant everything.