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The Better Angel

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln! It always amazes me that people revere him so much now, but while he was alive he was reviled by so many. And not just because of the Civil War, but because of his personality. He didn't curry favor and bring any of the traditional political protocol to the white house. Lincoln was a plain speaker, and a direct man. He like to talk and tell long stories and humerous anecdotes. He offended many in his own cabinet with his "simple", unassuming ways. There were plots against him from the first day of his election, and until his asassination in 1865 he was seen by a large number of Americans to be incompetent and indecisive. Now of course, those qualities are understood to be a greater vision, deeper intelligence and a steadfast hope for unity.
Abraham Lincoln was an incredibly eloquant writer. His speeches and declarations are famous and considered some of the best American writing in history. Even his notes and letters to friends and commande…