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Showing posts from February 8, 2007

And He Shall be Levon, And He Shall Be a Good Man

I just have to declare my love for Elton John. How can we resist the short-in-front,long-on-sides hair, the glasses of course, the earnest delivery? The voice, the chords and hooks and soaring crescendos. Not to mention the sparkles, I MEAN COME ON. I hid my love for EJ all through my punk years, never whispering it to a soul, never ever listening to the wonderful songs I remember from my sunkissed youth in Santa Monica. Driving down Pacific Coast Highway in my mom's van, looking at the palm trees and hearing "Philadelphia Freedom". Mom singing, and our dear gay friends Bobby and Breck singing too. Southern California 1970's PERFECTION! Fast foward past the 80's which were not kind to EJ, to 2007. Middle aged me HAS to go the Rose Quarter in Portland and finally see him live. I've never ever been to a huge show before. Thousands of small shows in basements and houses of ill repute, but never a stadium. The biggest show I've ever seen before t…