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Showing posts from January 31, 2007

The Roast With the Most

Here's another bizarre and highly entertaining CHEAP rent for your movie night. Dean Martin's Roasts are a 1970's series featuring Dean Martin and a panel of celebrities, taking cheap shots at the "Man or Woman of the Hour". This is another of those crazy mixtures of old hollywood ( Bette Davis, Orson Welles, the Rat Pack) and new, hip hollywood ( Truman Capote, Rich Little, Gabe Kaplan?) meeting onscreen. UNSETTLING, to say the least. Dean Martin roasts some incredible combinations such as DAN HAGGARTY and GEORGE WASHINGTON, EVEL KNIEVEL AND MR. T. If you've got the stomach for the bizarre and garish, this show is about a thousand times better than anything the networks have to offer.

Are You There God? It's me, Samuel Pepys

This diary is a treasure. Written in the 1600's by Samuel Pepys, an english naval officer, it describes in delicious detail the daily life in Restoration England. This was a facinating time in english history because it encompasses the execution of Charles I, coronation of Charles II, THE PLAGUE, and the Great London Fire. Samuel Pepys records everything from his kidney stone operation and the annual celebration he and his wife hold for his recovery, to his frequent indiscretions with household maids. It cracks me up because when he writes about this, he uses a mangled half-french as a sort of illicit code, but it fools no one. For example " "I did come to sit avec Betty Michell, and there had her main, which elle did give me very frankly now, and did hazer whatever I voudrais avec l', which did plaisir me grandement"
His French is clear - avec = with, main = hand, elle = she, hazer = make, voudrais avec la = would have w…