Crossing the Morrison bridge, into downtown, everything's lovely but...holy crap! There are about 500 Santas down here! Every corner and every street was suddenly filled with badass Santas. Welcome to Santicon 2007. An enormous Santa pub-crawl started two decades ago in San Francisco and carried on across the nation by various boozing masses. I myself went on a Santa pub crawl two years ago in Eugene. About 80 Santas attended and formed one giant conga-line snaking through the Hilton chanting "Ho Ho, Ho Ho, Ho, HO!" Of course this was after visiting half a dozen bars along the way and consuming a lot of beer.This Portland gathering however was HUGE, and I guess could really wreak some holiday havoc. Maybe they should pool their strengths and resources and do some political good, somehow! Maybe drink a lot and then go TEND A COMMUNITY GARDEN for an hour. Or, CLEAN UP SOME GRAFFITI, or PICK UP TRASH. Or, GIVE HOMELESS PEOPLE A DOLLAR. They'd really do some good! But they'd probably kick my ass just for saying that. Go here
for a look at what this group is all about.
The best thing about this angry Santa mob was the group of protesting Easter Rabbits down the block.