Patrick Henry Scares Me

Here is a lovely garage-sale keeper, "The First Book of the Constitution" by Richard Morris. It's a slim hardback book published in 1958 to explain the origins of the Constitution to young people. It's a handy fact-finder for me, I never knew that Ben Franklin commented on the woodcarving of a sun on the back of George Washington's chair. He said that it must be a "rising sun" rather than a "setting sun" because of the progress they had made. Kind of a boring comment, actually.
The woodcut illustrations in this book freak me out. Especially this one of Patrick Henry on a tirade. He looks like a dangerous drunk to me. Another of Governor Morris ( a relation to the author?) makes him look like a crazed pirate. I like to think of the Founding Fathers as more kindly and wise, rather than these raving, black-faced zombie men.


Anonymous said…
Either Patrick Henry has some mighty small spectacles resting on his forehead or four sets of eyes. FREAKY!