Ernest Borgnine: "Do you know how thick one inch of steel is?" Gene Hackman: "It's one inch less than two inches."

Hooray for the Poseidon Adventure! I was so excited to catch it on tv today. I even saw the beginning, which I haven't seen in decades. It reminded me a lot of the Love Boat with all its little story lines within the main story. Ex-hooker finds love, annoying little boy pesters everyone with questions about the ship, even Leslie Nielson takes a rare "serious" role as the captain. Made in 1972 this was one of the first 70's disaster movies. 5 years before Star Wars, 3 years before Jaws and 2 years before the Towering Inferno. Like the Love Boat, the cast is an ensemble of aging stars and up-and-comers. In 1972 this means Ernest Borgnine, Shelly Winters, Red Buttons and of course, Gene Hackman in the lead role as the rebel priest in a turtleneck.
There were a lot of classic 1970's moments, amidst the somewhat tedious climb to the bottom of the ship. I loved the groovy band playing the New Year's Eve party, the girl singing "There's Got to Be a Morning After", the way Gene Hackman would shout encouragement to people, telling them that "God loves Try-ers!" There were some other great quotes like Ernest Borgnine answering his girlfriend's query about where he'd been, he said, "Where do you think I've been? Flying around on my ass!" I laughed out loud when Ernest Borgnine grabbed the little boy and hugged him saying, "The preacher was right! The god-damned son of a bitch was RIGHT!"