Team Dresch Rocks The Nation

Inspired, positive, and powerful the legendary Portland band Team Dresch reunited last night for the first annual Siren Nation festival. We accompanied our friend Mr. Jones to the Wonder Ballroom for an evening of diverse musical entertainment celebrating women. To finish off the delightful event Team Dresch took the stage and turned up the volume. Our brilliant friend Kaia rocked like she always does, and Donna Dresch blew my mind. There may be no cooler musician in the world. Thank you ladies, you are amazing!


guanoboy said…
TD is the best! Saw them a few times back in the day...are there any plans for further shows ... ??

Lucky you to see them! And how wonderful that they still rock so well!
Martin said…
I would have given my left leg to be there.
Donna is my hero.
Diane said…
Mine too, Martin! And, I might add, so are you.