Princessa Li'l Mexico! SUPERSTAR!

My friend Leroy Chavez, aka "Princessa Li'l Mexico", is a superstar. 21 years old, hails from North Bend, Coos Bay, and has already lived enough lives to kill a cat. Ballroom dancer, teacher, rugby enthusiast and hair dresser, Leroy also spent time as an employee of the world- renowned Mill Casino. While working there he met many 1970's luminaries such as Tony Orlando (and Dawn), Kenny Rogers, and Bob Eubanks?!! My favorite story of Leroy's is of Bob Eubanks (of Newlywed Game fame, people!) coming down from his room at the casino and barking at Leroy "Where the F*** is Dan?!" When Leroy politely explained that he wasn't a part of Bob's crew, Eubanks apologized. Bad Bob!! I always knew Bob Eubanks had a dark side, just the way he'd snicker at his own nasty,bawdy jokes was an indicator of his nefarious personal life. Leroy inspires me with his hilarity and generous spirit. Go Leroy! Your hips don't lie!


Lil mexico said…
ha ha ha I love you Senorita Rios!!! Thank you.. Now I am stealing this from you.. Well borrowing it!