Ditto Arrives In the Forest

You NEVER know who will drop by my place of employment. Sometimes it's cub scouts, sometimes its Norwegian foresters, and sometimes it's BETH DITTO FROM THE GOSSIP!!!! The beautiful and ultra-talented Miss Ditto herself came for a photo shoot today, totally surprising me and my coworkers. Evidently she's shooting for a British magazine and she started the shoot by straddling a fake log and wrapping a chain around herself. We've never seen the likes of THAT before in the good old WFC!!! And it's ABOUT TIME!!! She's such a nice lady to let me take a picture. (I look quite the star-struck middle-aged woman.) I told her giddily, "we're myspace friends!" Beth Ditto is a great artist. Her voice is strong and clear and full of hot truth. Go see the Gossip if you get the chance!