Cozy Basement Rock

These days the basement is more luxe, but the rock remains the same. Ultra-loud and unapologetic. Saturday The Valiant Arms tracked some songs for their next release, all original material.

Back in the day Oswald Five-O was held together with duct tape and ashtrays. Our practice space was lined with moldy carpet and filled with broken strings and Nick's spittoons. We never recorded our practices, but were thrilled if we could book time in a studio. I'm happy to say that these days TVA enjoys the relative comfort of drywall and comfortable furniture, and the digital opportunities to record on the fly. Basement rock was never so accommodating. Having paid our punk-rock dues, we deserve it!


Anonymous said…
I almost forgot about the spitoons.
Didn't Nick and Greg once dub the VW Vanagan the "chew wagon" on our '92 trip to LA?
testface said…
Your comfy furniture shall remain intact ... except for erics drums which he'll surely destroy at any heated show.
rock on valients!