You Can't Break a Heart if You Have it

Charles and Violet are gorgeous on stage. The rage and the grace. Violet lending her voice to Charles's stories, and the rock flows around them. My friend Dan plays bass in this band, and it's so great to see him on the other side of the stage.
What fun to be invited to hang out with Violet and Charles on a show night. I've never been inside a Jupiter Hotel room before, (love the chalkboard walls), and the photo wall mural was cool. Most of all it's great to see an incredible team like them handle parenting and love and music with all the aplomb and tenderness you could wish for. Thank you guys, it was a beautiful night!


testface said…
dan stole my penguin shirt! OK you can keep it if you promise to make me more clam dip.

can't wait to see the eugene version of this show on friday!