Reservoir Feeder Dogs

Hooray for Sewing Class!! Thursday nights at Josephine's Dry Goods is the place to be! Six beginning sewers and 6 sleek sewing machines is a mighty force to be reckoned with. I am making myself a winter skirt. It is an A-line, olive-green number with a zipper. God help me with the zipper. But I can do it!! And then I will wear it downtown with my new boots and be so fine. This is me, learning how to use my machine, and then this is Todd who sits across from me. Go Sewers, Go! ( ps: "Feeder Dogs" is an actual sewing term meaning the little metal grabbers that feed the fabric under the needle! )


Todd Brown said…
Who is that handsome devil? By the way, I think we should make our own low-budget take-off on Reservoir Dogs and call it Reservoir Feeder Dogs.
Diane said…
Yes! You would be "Mr. Brown" of course, and I could be "Miss Olive-green" or perhaps "Miss Sage".
Anonymous said…
you could wield your seam-rippers and pinking shears as implements of torture!!! Heather