Super Score!

A garage sale gem..."Burt Reynolds: Portrait of a Super Star". Only 1$. This book is written by an enthusiastic young woman named Dianna Whitley in 1979. Burt Reynolds was still dating Sally Field when it was published. The author is not afraid to editorialize at length on Burt's considerable attributes. She writes, "He is the kind of man who commands great loyalty and affection, and yet triggers off fear at the same time. You would not want to cross him. You also wouldn't want to disappoint him, because he is the kind of man you like immediately, and you would never want to let him down. And if you are a woman, he is the kind of man you might do anything just to spend a few hours with." She goes on to say, "Burt has a dominating presence. It's a thing called power, and there is no question that Reynolds possesses it. Magnetism and charisma and charm and an electrifying energy emanate from him like radar, affecting everyone who comes close to him."
The book has many intriguing chapter titles. Here are some of the best:
The Aura of a Superstar
"Mullet"--Teenage Rebel
Aquarian Man
Burt's Kind of Woman
The Macho Image Mellows
Superstardom At Last
In the last chapter, "What the Future Holds" Burt talks about how now that he's an accomplished actor he can stop worrying what people think of him, and be himself.


Morgan said…
I can only dream that somebody will write such a glowing biography about me someday. Maybe I can at least stipulate this line gets included in my obituary:

"Magnetism and charisma and charm and an electrifying energy emanated from Morgan like radar."