Music Fest Northwest? Check!

Broken drums, sticks and a collapsing drum stool did not stop the Valiant Arms last night! Rock, raw and unadulterated issued forth from our amps, mikes and drum heads as we valiantly pushed on through tribulation. The good news? The stage was high up off the ground, the room was painted red, and the sound was very good and very loud. All the perfect ingredients for a great show. Go VA!
MFNW is a great event, with bands teeming in the streets, at every venue. I felt quite urbane taking the MAX up to the Towne Lounge with Mr. Jones to see Eskimo and Son, then catching an actual CAB back downtown to the Satyricon where we saw exactly 1/2 song of Typhoon's (it was very good!). Then back to our show to write out set lists and wait for our turn to rock. Thanks to the cheering of friends and new aquaintences in the audience, it was a great night. A big Thank You to all!


Morgan P said…
Diane: I'm so sorry I missed your rockin show. I remembered that not only is midnight normally past my bedtime, but I had to work "Oz Family Fun Day" today. If I had gone out last night, I would have ended up frightening the little Dorothies today. I'm glad it went well, and I promise, PROMISE, I'll see the next one.
testface said…
i would have killed to be at this show. 3000 miles away is no excuse but damn. its always a good show when it end up with jensen in a pile of his broken drums.
go team VA!!!
Mr. Random said…
EUGENE awaits a HUG from those VALIANT ARMS.