Steak Shop?

One year ago, fresh to my neighborhood and discovering all the interesting surprises and secrets around me, I found this sign. It is attached to a small warehouse building that looks like it was built in the 1920's. There are no other signs whatsoever, and I didn't immediately notice the text at the bottom. I was confused about the purpose and message of this sign. Was it a butchers? Was it a meat distribution business? Not being a huge fan of meat distribution, I was still intrigued by the act of hanging a photo of raw meat outside your company, with no text visible. On closer inspection I did find the text that told me it was a film company. Food Chain Films. How interesting! I will have to look for an employee and find out what kind of films they make. I admire their choice of sign, it is original and kind of attractive, all told.


Crabby Amy said…
I have walked by there many early mornings and it took me awhile too before I noticed the small print!! Let me know if you ever talk to an employee, no one is ever around at 6 a.m.! ;)
Mr. Random said…
I found a website for 'em, FWIW: