Rise, O Days from your Fathomless Deeps -- from "Memories of President Lincoln" by Walt Whitman

Rise, O days, from your fathomless deeps,
till you loftier, fiercer sweep,
Long for my soul hungering gymnastic I de-
vour'd what the earth gave me,
Long I roam'd the prairies over and slept on their
breast, I cross'd the Nevadas, I cross'd
the plateaus,
I ascended the towering rocks along the Pacific, I sail'ed out to sea,
I sail'd through the storm, I was refresh'd by the storm,
I watch'd with joy the threatening maws of
the waves,
I mark'd the white combs where they career'd
so high, curling over,
I heard the wind piping, I saw the black
Saw from below what arose and mounted
(O superb! O wild as my heart, and pow-