I found this list in our driveway today, battered by the elements and clinging to a bush. I noticed that meditation was crossed off the list at 2pm. At 3:00 pm I see a short list of new goals which are "Real Estate Consultant" and "Accept Who I Am." These goals have not been crossed off yet. I have no idea what 6pm's activity "Break dancing ashes to ashes" is, but it seems like a very interesting capper to such a full day.


BrianKarmelich said…
I wonder if he/she ever made it to Napa Auto Parts to pick up that rotor for the truck? Maybe that is where the meditation took place?

Also interesting is that I was recently browsing my copy "American River Current", as I do every Sunday afternoon. There, I came across a well written article on a break dancing competition coming to Portland called Ashes 2 Ashes, whereby some folks from Bella High School in Sacramento were headed. Now I know it must have been at 6pm. FYI, that issue of "American River Current" is archived at