The Misty Miss Christy

Do yourself a favor and listen to June Christy sing. My favorite album she did is "Something Cool", released in 1955. The songs on this record have a darker note...she sings about defeat, but with an upbeat gloss that makes the songs powerful and sad. The title track is about a tired woman in a slightly worn dress sitting at the bar and talking to a stranger. "Lonely House" is a haunting, mournful song that really defies genres. "Midnight Sun" is a gorgeous song, full of June's signature phrasing. June knows how to swing, however. Her versions of "I'll Take Romance" and "I Want to be Happy" not to mention "This Year's Crop of Kisses" really rock. Her voice is husky, like Keely Smith's, but has a sincerity and a pain behind it that I find compelling. I can listen to the same songs over and over and get new meanings, hear new details that I'd missed before. June's been backed by the best, from her big break in Stan Kenton's orchestra to her beautiful solo material with Pete Rugalo and his orchestra to a group of notable LA jazz musicians like Bob Cooper and sax player Bud Shank.