I Love the Smell of Ink

This town has the market on hand-screened poster production. On any given street, in any coffee shop, bookstore, record store, anywhere at all, you will find beautiful silk-screened posters for rock shows, fashion shows, art shows. It is the essence of "not in it for the money" aesthetic: taking all the trouble to produce a small edition of beautiful design and give it away. Staple it to telephone poles and watch it get rained on. Have it be poster-ed over 2 hours later. It makes me so glad there are extremely talented, motivated artists producing these street masterpieces. The sand mandala-making monks who preach the perfectly transient nature of beauty would approve.
The downtown Stumptown threw a party to show off a collection of Northwest Music Fest posters from years past. My old friend Jeff Kleinsmith who has been the art director at SupPop for years was supposed to be there. I know Jeff from Eugene where we worked at a coffee shop together. He was a very nice person, and played in the band Fireclown. Jeff didn't make it to this event, but I did spy from across the room the inimitable Mike King who has been making beautiful design in Portland for decades. I remember Mike from the Hell Cows, I loved that band, but I didn't think he'd remember me, and got too shy to say hello. I usually just go ahead and approach people, and ask if I can blog about them, or take their picture, but since I actually almost knew the guy, I couldn't do it. Here is his website to see more of his work. http://www.crashamerica.com/
I did however, get to meet Jay Martin (III). Jay is a clothing designer that works on various national lines and with local companies. He is self-taught, and has a studio in Old Town and works with other designers that have quit their jobs at Nike and Adidas and formed a kind of collective working for smaller labels. He is extremely nice and is partner to our friend Chanda, an amazing artist in her own right, who I also met a long time ago in Eugene. Jay graciously allowed me snap his photo and I noticed immediately that he resembles a younger John Galliano minus the mustache and gypsy locks.


jm / DJ HWY 7 said…
Jeff Martin looks alot like me, Jay Martin........HA! It was a pleasure meet you Diane.
Diane said…
Jay! It was the wine. What a treat to see Chanda and meet you. Let's do it again, Diane