Ground Kontrol

It was too good to be true! The 1980's Star Wars video game in perfect working condition, for free ALL NIGHT LONG?! My intrepid friends Morgan and Jaime accompanied me to the wonderful Ground Kontrol Arcade on NW Couch street. For a mere 5$ cover we were treated to unlimited free old-school video games, (Star Wars, Battlezone, Tron, Joust, Frogger, Centipede, Space Invaders, and fantastic pinball) as well as live music, AND a photo booth, AND LIBATIONS!!
After enjoying two hours of this extremely pleasant diversion, I walked through the balmy streets under a beautiful full moon back to my car. Unfortunately an evil drunk man tried to obstruct me, but my powerful string of curses kept him at bay. Old Town is a wee bit dangerous, but even so I find it beautiful and very interesting.


Morgan said…
I'm sorry you were accosted by an angry drunk man. I'm also sorry you missed Reverse Dotty. They were really good! We forced ourselves to stay for three songs and then finally got out of there after midnight. I'm exhausted. It was tons o fun though. Thanks for joining us last night.