"Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed 3 times out of 10 and be considered a good performer." --Ted Williams

PGE park is a jewel in the middle of northwest Portland's new condo-cities, just west of the Pearl. Perched lovingly in the bosom of Goose Hollow, the stadium is open, well-designed and sparkling clean. We attended our first Beavers baseball game there last night, and I was delighted by the view from the stands. I used to attend Eugene Emeralds baseball regularly in Eugene, at the fantastic old wooden Ems stadium, and loved it dearly. I wondered if I'd miss the intimate atmosphere of the small stadium, and the beautiful view seen from the stands there. I don't, not a bit. PGE park for all its big city features...a big-time announcer guy, a screen that displays the name and stats of each player at bat (so cool!), and a real Beaver mascot jive dancing between innings (as well as a mysterious Rabbit mascot, I don't know where he came from ), maintains its intimate atmosphere, has an incredible view of hillside Portland and the MAX trains running by, and is so clean and friendly there is no way to find fault. And when there's a great play, there is much larger sound coming from the much larger crowd. It's exciting!! I'm sorry baseball season is ending, but we'll try out a Timbers soccer game this fall.


DianeR said…
Better get crackin' - Timbers season is almost over too.
Anonymous said…
¿ese no era el conejo de Nesquik?