Last night we were lucky enough to attend the SHATNERFEST 2007 at our new friends Dan and Lisa's amazing house in Hillsboro. My friend Morgan Pasinski, artist extraordinaire, invited us to join her and her husband Jaime at this annual outdoor movie party in her friends' backyard. AM I GLAD WE DID! Deep in the magical tangles of their unbelievable garden, was a large screen and rows of benches, tables of delicious food (fake meat even!), and a digital projector set to show a delightful montage of William Shatner's best work. Included was the classic "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" video, the cartoon "Mudd's Passion" where Spock falls hard for Nurse Chappel, and a really disturbing black and white piece of Shatner reciting Elton John's "Rocketman". Because, being Captain Kirk, he really IS a rocketman. But not usually as sweaty and high as he seems to be in this video.
The party was a lot of fun. Amongst the other amazing works of art that fill the house and garden was a huge outdoor Dragon Stove. Bronzed with rust and glowing with fire, it stood in the drive to greet you as you arrived and send you off upon your departure. Another stand-out moment came when our host, a friend and a smaller friend donned Mexican wrestler masks and agreed to be photographed. Dan grabbed a pitchfork to hold and named the portrait "Mexican Gothic".