Walking around my childhood neighborhood in Santa Monica a week ago was utterly charming! I was on the hunt for any old apartment houses built between 1945 and 1970, and found quite a few, although the ones left are usually sandwiched inbetween giant monstrous apartment houses from the 1980's. I photographed some of the better ones, with their great "modern" design and scripty fonts. So beautiful!! I also took a picture of 918 2nd street, the house my family owned and I lived in until we hit the hippy trail in 1972. It's still there, sandwiched inbetween monstrosities.
Here also are photos of us wheeling my grandmother about the streets of Santa Monica, freed from the home she lives in, taking in the ocean breezes. My grandmother loves speed, so we parked beside a hotrod, and when we passed a motorcycle she sighed, "My true love". My grandmother is an amazing woman that I will spend an entire post upon...from riding horses with Barbara Stanwyk, to allegedly dating Jimmy Stewart, to wanting to be a brain surgeon, she's the BOMB. I'm so glad to still have her around at my advancing age.
Disneyland was another stop along the way, and here are the pictures to prove it. Let me just say this....Indiana Jones. Best ride in the park. And I finally took a canoe around Tom Sawyer's island! I also took a picture of a man talking on his cell phone in the teacup ride. Too much! Getting to Disneyland before it opens may have been a lifelong dream fulfilled for my husband, but it's an ugly scene, let me tell you. At 7:45 am there were already hundreds in line, rushing to beat out the others, dragging their children, all to the manically piped-in tune of "Bippity Boppity Boo". I felt trapped by Ugly America, until we were finally admitted and there was no line for Splash Mountain. Aaah, my stress melted away, and the magic started working.


Crabby Amy said…
Love the shadow picture!! :) The thought of dealing with the crowds in Disneyland stresses me out although I'm sure I will have to endure it in the future with my kids. Glad you had a great time and got to spend time with your grandmother!