Night in the Museum's Attic

Today I got to live a personal dream and walk through a museum's attic. A very dusty place, and filled with haphazardly stacked display and exhibit pieces. It's like anyone else's storage space, except for the pygmies, nude mannequins, and legion of taxidermied animals. The pygmy is holding up a fresh kill for the tribe. He is standing on a pile of soft mannequins, all wrapped in plastic bags. One mannequin stands apart, completely sheathed in a clear, plastic bag with a sign on it reading, "Scuzzballs, Beware!" The animals are indignantly undignified. They seem vexed at the humiliation forced upon them in this dusty place. A full-bodied stag, with a hat on his antlers. Ducks frozen in flight on their backs on a shelf. An outraged raccoon puffed up like a cat, looking down at me. It was eerie, a little like the scene in Psycho where Anthony Perkins has given Janet Leigh a sandwich and they're chatting in his backroom, surrounded by his frozen flock of stuffed birds.
The museum attic was mysterious and a little thrilling, the thought of the pygmy stretching his arms over his head at 6pm and getting off that shelf freaked me RIGHT out.


Crabby Amy said…
ohhhh...scary when I recognize everything in the pics before I even start reading the blog!! Nice!!