Just In!

Hey, hey! The Valiant Arms have their second gig, at the fabulous MUSIC FEST NORTHWEST, aren't we the luckiest dogs ever??!! Mark your calendars for September 9th, midnight at Kelly's Olympian. We'll be the ones on stage, making your ears bleed with pleasure!
Also playing this festival is our dear friend Joe of The Thrones. Joe's music is a dream you had one night, the one with black thunderclouds and an earthquake. Listen up to his beautiful melange of heavy joy and poignant anger. Love the Thrones!
My daughter likes the Thermals, a local force of nature, and she's been singing their lyrics which according to her go, "locust tornadoes, crossings and nazi day-lo's". Is "nazi" an appropriate lyric for my daughter to sing? I'm not sure.
Rob Jones talked to the guy in New Zealand yesterday, the guy who presses records, and evidently The Valiant Arms 8-song vinyl debut is only 3 weeks away!!! Maybe we'll have some ready for the show, bring your money!


Crabby Amy said…
Yay for another show!!! ;) I have my calendar marked already...how exciting!!
superteach said…
We are so there!! (Barb & Phil)
Darcy said…
Can't wait! I'll be your head groupie.