Inside Big PInk

My friends Dan and Noelle took us up to Dan's new place of employment yesterday, 34 floors up in the "Big Pink" building downtown. The view was unparalleled, although I really couldn't get too close to the window. Cora looked all the way down and exclaimed, "I can see someone getting arrested!" On our way out, the Rios family dorks all crowded into one portion of the revolving door, leaving Dan and Noelle to wonder what we really had in common, after all. It happened to be First Thursday once again, so we took in some exhibits including this metal deer which I like. Cora and I got these free bookmarks from our favorite comic shop next to the Portland Art Center. As I stood on the sidewalk, in the balmy eve air I started to wish there were music floating in from somewhere near, and with an enormous CRASH a metal band called "Dethym" started bashing it out from the second floor open windows. Aahhhh, thank you, Dethym.