Glory in Troutdale!

Sunday night saw us seated on an emerald-green lawn, beneath sunny yellow balloons, watching the sunlight dance across the surrounding pines in Troutdale. 20 minutes outside of Portland is the old poorhouse and farm for destitute families of the early 1900's. The big building is still there, saved and recreated to new splendor, including a beautiful outdoor concert venue, and we were there to see the Decemberists!
A perfectly gilded afternoon among hundreds of stylishly attired and very well-behaved gentry. Delicious micro-brews, an informative Historical Booth, and the interesting opening strains of local band Menomena primed us for the upcoming set of our favorites. The crowd screamed its approval and delight after each song, following Colin Meloy's instructions to stand up and wave its millions of audience fingers in the air "like bits of shredded money falling from the sky". It was a treat, as always to watch them play their music and games onstage.
I was shocked for a moment, when they launched into "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", written by The Band and covered by many other artists including Joan Baez because MY BAND THE VALIANT ARMS COVERS THAT SONG, and I sort of forgot that it wasn't ours. I was shocked, standing there, watching them play our song. I wonder if we can still play it now?
The drive home was balmy and sweet, our ears reverberating with the final strains of "The Mariner's Lament" and the friendly "Goodnight's" from the Troutdale parking attendants.


Crabby Amy said…
Ohhhh....sounds so lovely!!! wish I was there!!! :) amazing too what they have done to Edgefield. I can remember being in highschool and it was a run down, abandoned place that teenagers like us snuck out to (and hoped we wouldn't get busted by cops!). Now it's quite nice and I am so glad you had a wonderful time!!