Down On the Street

Hey, people!! Back from the otherworld of my youth and my future. The aqua-vibrant shores of Santa Monica to the scorched, bald mountains of Palm Springs. Photos to follow. For now, let me say that we found love and glory in the safe harbor of Southern California. The palm trees bent and swayed their comely welcome as I treked up and down the streets, searching out the last of the mid-century glamour, my 90-year old grandmother turned loving eyes our way as we wheeled her about the streets in her chair, stopping only for bingo and lemonade, and the warm surf of the Pacific cradled our toes as the sun went down. Delicious!
Here is some medicinal music to take you there, this fine July.

1. Something Cool -- June Christy
2. Western Union Desperate -- Mary Lou Lord
3. A Foggy Day -- Billie Holiday
4. Shiny -- the Decemberists
5. Superstar -- the Carpenters
6. The Back of Your Head -- Cat Power
7. Angeles -- Elliot Smith
8. Winning -- Emily Haines
9. Negative Creep (live) -- Nirvana