The Wham of Glam!

Ok, I'm hooked on fashion shows! Sunday night I attended the ninth annual Art Institute Fashion show at the Portland Art Museum. It was a completely exciting experience. First of all, my outfit: my favorite white corduroy coat with big silver buttons, dark jeans and heels. So I was feeling it, people. So, I park next to the museum and notice a very cute photographer boy parking beside me, a green knit hat on his head. We both rush to the museum, and I try not to gawk at the fancy fashion hoi polloi gathered at the entrance. Upon receiving my ticket at the will-call window, I take the elevator to the third floor and enter the ballroom where the event is being held. So beautiful!!! Gold lights and classical paintings on the wall, the crowd is excited. I have a very good seat near the runway, and sit carefully in my beautiful coat, listening to the excellent and very adorable singer (Jessica Parsons-Taylor) croon out her set of jazz standards. Lovely lovely! I noticed that two of the judges of the show were none other than ADAM ARNOLD and ANNA COHEN both of whom I've blogged about in the past. I saw Adam Arnold come in, looking dapper as ever, and take his seat. I resisted the urge to wave, because he probably wouldn't remember me in this setting.
When the show began I could hardly help bouncing up and down in my seat. The music was great, and the models were gorgeous. It was like a rock show, with better clothes! In particular I loved Bini Bloodworth's black blouse and suit, Jan McIntyre's elegant retro-wear, and one of Kristen De Vrie's funky punk prom dresses. Kelsey Stockey makes beautiful wedding gowns out of vintage linen, and I was lucky enough to meet her at the Art Institute one day. She was so sweet as to let me take a picture of her, even though she was terribly busy trying to get paperwork signed so she could graduate! Thank you, Kelsey!
This may be my first fashion show, but it sure won't be the last, I can't wait for the next one, and this time maybe I WILL wave at Adam Arnold!