Train's Leavin' Seattle, 16 Coaches Long

Martin Bernier reminded me of how Don Blair picked out a blue, polka-dotted dress from Mary Lou Lord's box of free clothes, and wore it in Times Square. Nick Tucker reminded me of how when Don Blair called out the crowd at Raji's in LA by quizzing them, "What's your favorite candy bar?" and they screamed back, "Kit Kat!" he thundered, "YOU LIE! IT'S SNICKERS!". Yes, Martin, Don Blair does indeed have stones. As did we all, daring to truck our rock and roll dog and pony show up and down the coast, and across the country. We all have some real stones, and here are some excerpts from a tour diary we all had a part in writing.

Heading south to LA, leaving Seattle.
Robert: "Pretty neat. No cops or broken guitars or things, had fun. All is well. Don't miss Seattle. What can be next?"
Don: "The party was ok. I didn't get beat up or anything of that nature. There were some death rockers there and I overheard them talking about their fucking stupid band like 'we're so fucking heavy'. What a stupid idiot. He was the one I feared the most. Playing was fun, thanks for the beer Diane."
Diane: "I had a great time Friday Night in Eugene, Oregon at the house of 15th and Lawrence. It was a one keg shebang we played at the last minute, and had to wheel our amps through the mud to the back... When SVS went on they were great, great, great. Such beautiful music, a wierd little hole to play in, a shit stained box, a shit stained music box. This morning is nice. We're cleaning and making tee shirts and listening to Social Distortion's latest lp...About the show--no money. No money at Max's either, and only $10 in Olympia. But I guess we got paid in scabies"
Nick: "It's been a long time since I've played a party it goes back to the Pedro days. All went well, played to some drunk fuckers, played a short time and watched our friends. Next stop..Espresso Roma."

Corvallis (Feb. 29th):
Don: "What can be said about this town that hasn't already been said? Diane, Nick, Martin and I ate at this hippie house restaurant. We made jokes about people being stoned. Showtime, it was around 9:30, Oswald sounds great tonight. The place is packed. Arcweld, well I watched a little bit of them. Robert joined us to perform Oscar. Party! I'm well into a state of euphoria. the ride back was fun, I can't stop laughing....hahaha"

Drive to SF:
Don: "Drive to SF. We eat at Carl Jrs , all the soda you can drink We arrive at 11:30. Slept at Gordon's. Lost to Robert at a game of chess."

San Francisco:
Diane: "We're at Gordon's house, and last night was show #1 at the Epicenter Record store--we played suckily, but SVS made up for it, and I had a great time!"
Don: "Made the Haight/Ashbury scene thing...lots of really interesting shops. Bought some shoes at Goodwill. Doses, anyone? I love burritoes we at them the whole time while in SF. The Epicednter show was some good ol' fun. PS I've got to stop drinking coffee!! Or I'll go insane!
Robert: "Gordo gets wasted on Mission. East his burrito off La Cumbre floor and drinks collected dip drippings. His roommates get tired of us stink8ing up their house for the 3rd or 4th time. Martin sits on the pool table and is ready to tear a new asshole for the guys playing billiards whilst we play rock music. Diane breaks two bass strings and doesn't stop playing. I catch a wad of Croghan spit. The SF band stinks and the guy from Max RnR forgets his tape deck, then his paper then his pen. Go to Gordo's and dump and in the morning he plays Crimson to wake us up."

A poem by Robert:

"Thrice farted Tucker
At the Ohio line
The windows ope'd wide
The freeway air came rushing in
And the stink was thrust outside"


Dean said…
Sounds like alot of fun! Thanks for sharing these stories.