I am getting used to the feeling of disgust I feel whenever I hear President Bush's voice. A familiar wave of exasperated nausea sweeps through my body when his snickery, adolescent whine assaults my ears.
I'd like to think the french president Nicolas Sarkozy is grimacing in much the same way I would if I had to chat with Bush, however it is said they have "established a personal rapport" and get along well. I preferred the continual haranguing of the administration from Jacques Chirac. If I can't count on the french to mock Bush, who can I count on?
Evidently not all french people feel the way Sarkozy does. I met a very nice frenchman at my place of employment the other day and after I asked him how he like his new president he got a mischevious look on his face and said "Comment vous aimez votre president?". I said, "Il n'est pas mon president" (he is not my president) and we had a Bush bashing fest right there in the Forestry Center. It was great!
Of course Bush is the complete jerk at the G-8 summit who won't commit to cutting greenhouse gases. I'm not surprised, but I'm familiarly nauseated.


Crabby Amy said…
OK ...I would have loved to have heard your Bush bashing conversation!!