Guess What Was Parked Across the Street Last Night?

As we left our house to go to dinner last night, what should we see at the Eagles Hall across the street, but a parking lot full of hearses! Upon closer inspection they seemed to be tricked out hearses at that, bearing skulls, shrunken heads, gothic crosses and some very lush, velvety interiors. I stopped to quiz a very nice owner of one of these hearses who explained that they are a car club called The Coffin Cruisers. He said they used to be called "Just Hearsin' Around", but changed their name. I asked him how he had acquired his hearse and he said he'd found it a Halloween sale on Craig's list! "Score!" I enthused, and he readily agreed. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so these are photos I got from their website
The hearses were really nice, lovingly kept and very clean. Another owner showed me the interior of the back, and the little rollers on the floor so the coffin can come out easily. He cheerfully exclaimed, "it still smells like formaldehyde!"
You never know what you're going to see at the Eagles Hall, from little old ladies in square dancing gear, to huge motorcycle biker guys, to this unique car club.