Forever True

Thanks to our dear friend Brian Karmelich, Oswald Five-O now has a myspace page. You can hear music and see pictures depicting the beauty of the Old Days. Sign up to be our friend! Thanks, Brian.

Click here:


Crabby Amy said…
That's so funny you just posted about that since about 20 minutes ago I noticed that you had Oswald Five-O on your myspace! :)
BrianKarmelich said…
Hey, the Oswald site now even has its 1st comment! : ).

I do promise to make the site more interesting in the upcoming weeks. I'm starting by stealing this picture right now!

Funny thing: Nick sent me an email...Jim Hudson (from Sauce) was at his house for a bbq last weekend: some odd technical web discussion led them to look up the KB myspace page and they then found the Oswald page just a few hours after I started it.

Anywho, I will feel very happy if I can turn a few new people on to the Oswald records.