A Beautiful Night

A glorious, golden evening in Portland. 75 degrees at 7pm, breezy and the evening light guilding all the treetops and buildings. The Mr. and I walked down Hawthorne to a tiny cigar bar where we found a sidewalk seat and enjoyed some libations. Excellent brew, excellent service, and the most excellent little wrought iron tables that made me feel as though I were in Cuba. Here is the side of the Bagdad theater in the summer evening light, and once again, here is a brilliant window display at the Red Light clothing store.


Crabby Amy said…
Lovely!! did you see any of the fireworks? I went to "Chicago" last night and when we got out it was still really warm. and we saw the latter half of the firework show from the car (my mother-in-law drove) and lots of fantastic people watching! :0