Rock of the Valiant Arms

Well, it's happened! The Valiant Arms debuted last night at a northwest rock joint known as Slabtown! We played well, loudly and brashly, although unfortunately the soundman could not seem to coax any SOUND except for feedback out of the microphones. So for a few songs we were an instrumental band. But we sang as loudly as possible nonetheless, and looked quite earnest in our attempts to convey the MESSAGE of the lyrics through our facial expressions. I was so proud of us in our dapper rock outfits...all crisp white and the boys with skinny ties. WE ARE A DARNED CUTE BAND! Check it out for yourselves. The venue was in an exciting location, on 16th and Lovejoy, in a slightly industrial/residential neighborhood, not quite under the freeway overpass. The night was balmy and the breezes felt so nice on our sweaty rock and roll selves. I liked the big lit-up sign that says "SLABTOWN" with an arrow pointing the way, I liked the backdrop on the stage with spray paint stencils, and I liked very much getting out of the van on our way to the club, stopping to get coffee. We looked a bit like missionaries, but I felt like a mod god squad all matchy matchy and together. Unity! On the way to the show!
We played with our Eugene friends The Underlings. They are a great band. Tight and catchy and very talented, they also had microphone issues, but managed to impress everyone anyway. Local heroes Wow and Flutter played last and have a lot of stage charizma! Flinging themselves about, singing as hard as they could ( how come THEIR mikes worked?!) and making big music.
What a great night, I've lived here a year now and it's very nice to mark that anniversary with such a sweet milestone. Thank you friends! Thank you Portland! May the rock never die. xo


Crabby Amy said…
Rock on!!!! I love it....wished I had been there. You guys do look very dapper! ;)
Mr. Random said…
I'd love to see yous guys play in Eugene! Pretty please?
Diane said…
Yes! We will play in Eugene in late summer, most likely. I will keep you posted!
Anonymous said…
Please come to Seattle