The Poitiers Fangs

Time for embarrassing photos of my youth! Hooray! When I was 21 I lived in a small french town called Poitiers. I was an exchange student for the year, and three of my best friends and I had an "art gang" called "The Poitiers Fangs". Our gang-related activities consisted of hanging out constantly, drinking, traveling together, and making art. France is where I got my first taste of printmaking, in the form of spray paint stencils. I had a beautiful apartment, and very bad taste in clothes. My closest Fang buddy, Lisa and I traveled to Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam (several times!), and around France together. We cut grapes for 3 weeks at a chateau, a miserably hard job called "vendange", 8 hours a day bent over vines. That's where I started smoking. We stayed on "Boatels" in Amsterdam, hotels in boats! All the Fangs went on a trip to the south of france. We visited Chenanceau Chateau and bought plastic swords so we could fight on the ramparts, and play lords and maidens in the daisy-covered moat. No fooling! We saw the band Fishbone play in Poitiers, and narrowly avoided being ravished in their hotel. Ahh, youth. I miss my little art gang, and our giant playground in europe.


scottk said…
UK SUBS! thanks for sharing the great old pics, they rule!

I'll get some more classic 80's eugene ones I got up soon.

cheers -